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    Cooling Eye Mask

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    Cooling Eye Mask Cold Gel Compress Pack for Puffy Eyes

    3.55 out of 5
    (11 customer reviews)
    • ✅STAYS HOT & COLD LONGER – Reusable eye gel mask for sleeping holds temperature twice as long due to higher gel bead count. Microwave or freezable for itchy dry eyes, migraine relief, headaches, puffiness, dark circles, sagging skin, fatigue and stress.
    • ✅LEAKPROOF COMFORT – Use ice cold or as warm heated therapy, our double stitched therapeutic gel eye mask pack offers NO LEAKAGE guarantee. Perfect eye mask for dark circles, Migraine relief, Dry Eyes, Headaches, Sinus, Under Eye Patches for Puffy Eyes or Dark Circles!
    • ✅COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE – Cooling eye mask fits all head sizes! Soft plush fabric offers soothing heating and cooling eye treatment in as little as 5 minutes. Sleep through the night like a baby by simply adjusting the Velcro strap to your liking!
    • ✅ COVERS ALL CONDITIONS – Perfect for eye puffiness, fever, sinus pressure, cluster headaches, allergies, and fine lines or wrinkles! Consulted with medical doctors every step of the way, your need to find your magic bullet stops here with us!
    • ✅100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Sold and designed in USA, we stand behind our products and offer full refund for any issues. Our market leading product will stand on its own! Use mask under doctor’s consultation and supervision.