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    Ice Packs for Postpartum

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    Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum – Perineal Cold Pack Pads with 3

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    • 👶INSTANT RELIEF COLD PACKS: Recover your body in the most natural way with minimal stress. Our perineal ice pack offers immediate postpartum relief from swelling, burning, itching, breastfeeding pain or hemorrhoids. These postpartum ice packs stay flexible right out of freezer – molds to your body with no hassle of stiff or uncomfortable pads.
    • 👶COMFY, SAFE & NATURAL: Comes with super comfy discreet dark color sleeves for stains — you won’t even remember you are wearing the pads. Medical grade gel is safe to use during pregnancy and post-partum nursing.
    • 👶REUSABLE & WASHABLE: No headache of washing everyday — rotate through reuseable mommy care maternity pads multiple times a day. Must have labor and delivery essentials that work equally well with numbing and witch hazel sprays.
    • 👶SOOTHING & LONG LASTING: Heavy duty perineal cold packs stay cold for longer than any other pads and are made to last. Multiple pads and additional sleeves ensure easy rotation so mom can spend more time with the little one.
    • 👶MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Say no to uncomfortable hospital ice pads. Use these postpartum ice packs for full range of perineal, muscle, hemorrhoid, injuries or pelvic discomfort.