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11 reviews for Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum – Perineal Cold Pack Pads with 3

  1. 4.64 out of 5


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  2. 4.64 out of 5

    Catrina Hoppes

    These are great to use for after birth! I got these to use with my “mama strut” so that I would have a few extra ice packs in the freezer. These are a great size because they fit perfectly into your underwear. They came in sanitary packaging, and the extra soft eye mask that came with this product was really nice. Thanks!

  3. 4.64 out of 5


    This product was definitely really thoughtfully put together from purpose to packaging. I am 100000% packing these packs in my hospital bag (expecting my baby boy any day now!) but did get a chance to try one out to ease some discomfort already. I love that they are easy to clean & reusable – very different compared to a lot of other similar products on the market. I’m also in love with the eye mask that came with the order. So soft and comfortable (and helpful during my third trimester insomnia).

  4. 4.64 out of 5


    Really helped reduce my recovery time after having a natural unmedicated birth, I had a 2 degree perineal tear & this helped so much with the pain. Love that there is washable covers so I could use them daily. Good price for all that is included! I highly recommend this product!

  5. 4.64 out of 5


    This was perfect for after the hospital after delivering my baby. The hospital sent me home with some ice packs so I use but those quickly ran out since they were a one time use. These are reusable and easy to clean. I loved that they came with an eye mask, it was just what I needed to get rest at the hospital with so many people coming in and out of the room. This product really caters to a moms needs.

  6. 4.64 out of 5

    Tamiris Uchoa

    These are wonderful! Perfect for my needs. The ice-pack stays cold between 30-40 minutes, freezes quickly while remaining somewhat flexible. So easy to use and clean!!! The perfect shape and size.I was shocked at how well these are made. There was serious thought put into every aspect of design and the quality here is obvious. Well worth the cost. Wish I had gotten these sooner!

  7. 4.64 out of 5

    Lexi A

    The item works well! The protective sleeves are nice and glad it came with 4. Very easy to use the only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the ice pack looses its cold pretty quickly compared to others I have used for other purposes.

  8. 4.64 out of 5

    Ally Miller

    I am really impressed with how quickly this Perineal hot/cold pack showed up! When I opened it up I was really impressed with the classy packaging and also how much this company takes postpartum/perineal care seriously. Great quality product, thankful theres multiple (and washable!) sleeves and the cute pink sleeping eye mask was a nice added bonus! Definitely recommend and again thankful for a company who takes postpartum care into account! Looking forward to a quicker and more comfortable recovery after childbirth with my second baby here in another month!

  9. 4.64 out of 5

    Alexandra Harbushka

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     As a new mom I had no idea what I needed or what to expect. Thank Goodness for this perineal kit! I love that they can be used as heat or ice packs. I personally liked them cold but I can see where some women would like them warm. I haven’t tried it yet but I think heating up the gel packs and using them on my breasts when they’re sore from breastfeeding will be helpful. Anyway, I completely recommend this for any new mom out there. If you’re pregnant order this and if you have pregnant friends order this!!! It should be a gift at every baby shower!

  10. 4.64 out of 5

    Cayden Edman

    They offered cool comfort where needed, but weren’t the most comfortable to wear. I loved that they were reusable and easy to have on hand, duh, never run out. I would not recommend having them in the freezer for longer than the time on the box because they get way too cold and uncomfortable like freeze burn. I think I’m more excited to hear them and use them to help with engorged breasts.

  11. 4.64 out of 5


    Nice product, easy to use. Quick to clean. Great for uses as warm or cold compress. Helps greatly with the soreness that comes after delivery.

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