About us

How we got our start?

We are a young couple based out of Los Angeles and have a combined experience of more than 25+ years working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. Upon understanding the inner workings of healthcare systems and hanging out with medical pioneers, we realized that there are a lot of problems that may not require aggressive medical interventions as prescribed in our country. While drugs have an appropriate place, sometimes the magic sauce requires alternative ways to manage the condition. This inspired us to launch a brand focused on solving pain and bringing smile to our customers.

We admire women and their role in the society. Wives, mothers, grandmothers have played instrumental roles in our family. But there are days when they struggle and it brings the entire clan down.

To this end, we entered a quest to build a healthcare brand geared towards super moms, athletes, and elderly women trying to balance the act of being superwomen while attending to their bodily needs.

Our beginning was small but mighty. We’ve now sold over 20k gel packs worldwide. Our mission revolves around promoting the health and well-being of our customers without having to take medicinal drugs, where possible. Staying true to our company’s values and mission, we are dedicated to helping you overcome health issues one product at a time, so you may get back on track to your life as you heal and recover

What makes our products unique?

We are proud to boast that we make best products for super-moms, Olympic athletes and heroic women looking to lead a pain-free everyday life. World-class and innovative, each product in our range covers almost every body-part and is created to provide the necessary support to every individual in need of aid. They’re carefully designed and crafted so that they may help bring back vitality and joy to one’s recovery journey, ultimately improving their quality of life.

Why we love what we do?

We know we can’t change the world with an ice pack or a surgery pillow. Our goal? Bring a smile and help as many women as possible to remain pain free so they can get on with their day.

We’d love for you to join the Zomaple family and try out one of our premium products yourself. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s to your health—and living your best life.

The Zomaple Team

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