Mastectomy Post Surgery Pillow for Breast Cancer Surgery


  • YOUR BREAST FRIEND FOR VARIOUS RECOVERIES – our breast pillow will help you get well soon after breast cancer surgery, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, heart surgery, mastectomy, or lumpectomy. It has ultra-soft fabric and a padded cushion that make it perfect for support and recovery.
  • FACILITATES A SMOOTH HEALING – if you are healing from surgery and want a breast pillow that is fool-proof, this mastectomy pillow is for you! Our chest buddy offers you full-time care post-surgery and guarantees a smooth healing process by protecting and supporting your chest.
  • STRESS & PAIN FREE DRIVING –Our chest pillow can be your driving or riding companion 24/7 before you fully recover after surgery. It minimizes the impact your seatbelt has and keeps the sensitive area well protected. Stay safe during your ride after surgery and days post-surgery.
  • OFFERS ULTIMATE CARE AND COMFORT – the breast reduction and augmentation pillow is your ultimate care package. It keeps your arm’s weight from affecting your incisions and gives you underarm relief. Ideal mastectomy pillows for sleeping and keeps children and pets away from the reach of your sensitive chest area.
  • THOUGHTFUL MASTECTOMY GIFT – this breast pillow for after mastectomy has an innovative design. It has a soft filling that keeps you cozy as you lie down, sit, sleep, or commute to/from the hospital. Gift it to a loved one that just underwent heart/breast surgery and help them have a happy and fast recovery.

A more restful sleep

Sleeping can be a challenge right after a surgery, especially if you’re not used to sleeping on your back. The lack of proper sleep can also negatively impact your recovery and mood.

This padded mastectomy pillow is designed to rest easy over the chest and tuck neatly under the arms. It fits with just the right amount of firmness so the arms can rest comfortably. The foldable pillow is also designed to bend perfectly along the torso instead of pressing down on it.

A more comfortable recovery

Coming home after major surgery can be difficult, especially when it comes to putting on the seatbelt. If you’re not careful, this may affect the injured area and make the healing process take longer.

This mastectomy pillow helps provide a barrier so the seatbelt doesn’t press or rub against the injured area. Despite the padding, it won’t negatively impact the position of the seatbelt nor put you in a compromising situation during the ride home.

Thoughtfully designed

With everything you’re going through, the last thing you need is a pillow that gives you more problems than solutions. This is why we’ve designed our mastectomy pillow with your comfort and convenience in mind.

This pillow is machine-washable and the removable insert makes cleaning so much easier. The strap secures the pillow in place and prevents it from slipping down or twisting. Also, the handy pockets help keep everything you need within reach.


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