4 Recovery Items for Post-Op Shoulder Surgery

A shoulder surgery may be minimally invasive or deep. The surgical process may take a few hours or less, but recovery can last for weeks or months. If you have surgery coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking of recovery items to help you cope with the pain. You can talk with a potential physical therapist or nurse about the comfort items you need after your shoulder surgery.

Toiletries, Clothes, shoulder pillows, and packaged goods are examples of items you will need for recovery. This article will examine a couple of items you can purchase for recovery.

Oversized post-surgical shirts

An oversized post-surgical shirt will reduce friction and contact with the wounded arm. This is because the surgery arm goes in first before it is pulled to cover the rest of your body. Oversized shirts are best for recovery post-surgery, but if you can’t find t-shirts that are big enough for you, you can purchase post-surgical shirts specifically made for shoulder surgery patients at online stores.

If you use a bra, use one with a front closure to minimize movement and discomfort while wearing. If you can’t find a bra with a front closure, wear the regular bra backward by clasping first and twisting to the front before passing your arms through.

Shoulder Surgery Pillows

Shoulder surgery pillows help reduce inflammation after shoulder surgery. Some shoulder surgery pillows only come for bed use. In contrast, others provide straps so you can use them for support anywhere and anytime. The Zomaple Shoulder surgery pillow is an excellent example of supporting your shoulders with or without a strap.

You can use the Zomaple surgery pillows to sleep, improve your range of motion, prevent the formation of a scar and protect the incision site.

Disposable Underpads

This item is handy for aging patients to replace urine or fecal incontinence. Disposable pads help protect cushions and linens around the home and car. It reduces the burden on those taking care of the patient and allows the patient to get comfortable while healing.

Hand Sanitizer

While recovering, keeping the incision area clean and germ-free is essential. Clean hands are necessary for the person recovering from the shoulder surgery and anyone that will be around. Disinfectant spray can be used to clean frequented areas too.

You must have these essential recovery items to make your recovery period smooth and fast. You can quickly return to your routine as soon as your physician tells you it’s okay. Pushing your limit and not using shoulder support during recovery can slow your healing time and increase your physical therapy visits.

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