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11 reviews for Cooling Eye Mask Cold Gel Compress Pack for Puffy Eyes

  1. 3.55 out of 5


    Great product 🙂

  2. 3.55 out of 5

    Carol McCannon

    I researched many ice masks on Amazon. This one especially caught my eye when I read the positive reviews and matched the cost of this product, and compared to the other products. I received it on the date due, and am very, very, pleased with this product. It fits very well, and is flexible even when it is fully frozen to use as an ice mask. It also stays cold for a long time–maybe longer than 30 minutes, which is effective when trying to soothe my forehead and eyes from migraines.

  3. 3.55 out of 5

    Leslie Holliday

    Unfortunately I was highly disappointed by this product. When I received it it was leaking and the band to hold it against my head was so small it wouldn’t even fit around my a childs head let alone mine. I was sincerely looking forward to this product because it looked great online but that’s not the case in this particular product. Sorry. Is there anything that can be done on this matter?

  4. 3.55 out of 5

    Erika Holland

    I’ve had this thing for less than a month and it busted today and all the little beads fell out. I had my last mask from Ulta for over a year and never had this issue. Won’t be getting this one again.

  5. 3.55 out of 5


    My elderly father has glaucoma and his eyes run tears a lot. After reading that warm moisture from a warming cooling eye mask or a cooling eye mask will help soothe the eye, I purchased this brand after reading the reviews. So far, they work great for him. He really loves the convenience that he can strap it on and does not have to hold the mask with his hand for 20 or 25 minutes. His caregivers stated they have seen his temperament is much better when talking about how discomfort his eye is and holding it. I recommend this eye mask as for those who need the convenience of warming a mask to wear over their eyes for soothing and relaxation. Sure is much softer on the eye vs using a washcloth that is heated in the microwave. Thus far, we as his family are very pleased with the product.

  6. 3.55 out of 5


    I really like this eye mask. It definitely relaxes the eyes and helps with both puffiness, dark circles, and just general relaxation. I chiefly recommend if you need a little “me time.” The only thing that I would say I don’t like is the band is SO small, making it hard to put over my enormous head. I wish that it came with a larger band so it wouldn’t be as uncomfortable when wearing, or st least an extender.

  7. 3.55 out of 5

    M. Sowers

    I used this cooling mask for my puffy & swollen eyes and found it to be very soothing and comfortable. It stays cold for two or three hours and works quite well. I place it back in the freezer so it is ready when I am ready for a nap or sleeping all night. The mask completely blocks out any light and is very comfortable. The item enclosed a regular soft eye mask that is excellent. A card was enclosed indicating I could receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card for filling out a quick survey. On August 17, 2021, I contacted the email address upon receipt of my “Cooling Eye Mask Cold Gel Compress Pack for Puffy Eyes” about the survey at and they responded with a link to the survey on August 27. I completed the survey that day but as of today, September 4, 2021, they have not responded with information on the $5.00 Amazon Gift Card. I rated them 3-Stars as their Customer Contact System is lacking in every category.

  8. 3.55 out of 5


    This thing is my best friend! Jenny and Hary were right! Hot or cold this gel mask is the best! It helps takeaway my migraines instantly. It’s durable but not hulk strong, it’s hekoed me work late hours from work and school and just day to day sinus allergy pressure. It’s my savior. The sellers are truly the best and they cared enough to ask me how everything was and if I had any issues not to hesitate to contact them. Their very kind patient and helpful and knowledgeable about their products. I’ll definitely tell my family and friends about this company. Awesome product and services! Thank you Zomaple.

  9. 3.55 out of 5

    Janet W. Roberson

    I returned this item the first time I received it because a strap broke the third time I wore it. However, the seller reached out to me and asked me to give him a second chance. He sent a new mask at no cost and didn’t charge for delivery. I have been using the mask and am very happy with it. The material is soft and the mask stays cold for a long time. I’m pleased that the seller was anxious to please me. He succeeded.

  10. 3.55 out of 5


    If you were planning on putting the strap around your head, unless you are a small child, forget it. The strap is so short, it would only fit a small child, plus there is no way to adjust. So, very disappointing.

  11. 3.55 out of 5

    Katy Branch

    I recently started working a graveyard shift at a hospital and this has truly been a life saver. It’s hard to get good sleep when the light is shinning through the window! This has helped me gain better sleep and helped with looks of lack of sleep like dark circles and puffy eyes.

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