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Are dry eyes giving causing you pain and discomfort?

Heated Eye Mask

People experiencing dry eyes can observe various symptoms like irritation, itchiness, excess watering, and burning sensations in their eye area. Needless to say, this can make it difficult to enjoy certain daily activities like watching TV or reading a book. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Our hydrating and moisturizing eye mask offers a soothing and relaxing solution. Aside from dry eyes, our eye mask can also be used for a variety of issues from eye strain to puffiness.

With this eye mask, you don’t have to let dry eyes stop you from enjoying your day!

Use Cases:

  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Stye cysts
  • Pink eye
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
  • Headaches & migraines or itchy
  • Tired & puffy eyes

A Natural Remedy

These eye masks are packed with self-hydrating beads. When heated, they absorb moisture, traps it in, and releases clean moist heat to soothe and comfort your eyes.

The beads, soft fabric, and overall design allow this eye mask to conform to the shape of your face when worn. As such, it doesn’t just rest over your eyes; it touches your eyelids for direct contact to help facilitate quick relief.

Wake Up Refreshed

A good night’s rest is essential for an equally good morning. However, it can be difficult to get proper sleep if your eyes are painful and uncomfortable. Our eye mask can help with such issues.

The mask also effectively blocks out light, making it great for people who have trouble sleeping with the lights on. It also has a secure and adjustable strap to hold the mask in place even as you toss and turn in bed.

Reusable, Easy to Clean

Made of premium materials, you can count on this heated eye mask to serve you for a long time before needing a replacement. The seams are tightly stitched so you don’t have to worry about the beads coming out and rolling all over your face.

It is recommended to spot clean the mask every once in a while. You can do this by wiping away dirt on the surface of the mask with a damp, clean gauze pad or tissue.

11 reviews for Heated Eye Mask for Dry Eyes Warm Compress for Eyes

  1. 4.82 out of 5


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  2. 4.82 out of 5


    I had to get this product for treatment of Blepharitis, to use every morning for 10 minutes. This product does the job for me. I heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds (exactly, as over 20 is TOO hot for my eyes). The product is warm and stays on your face when lying down or in a recliner (it has a velcro strap to keep in place if needed). It does keep warmth for about 7-8 minutes, and by the time 10 minutes is up it’s just lukewarm. It appears to have some type of crystals inside. The instructions say to not immerse in water, so I’ve used a spot of detergent, hand washed, then patted dry with paper towels and hung up over night. I do this weekly or if it looks soiled. I make it a point to wash my face before using it. Then use the bacteria eye wipe afterwards. Once I tried to wash it while still warm, and heard some crackling inside. It didn’t appear to do any damage, as it still works, but I make sure it’s completely cooled off before washing. I would recommend this product for the price, as it does what I required.

  3. 4.82 out of 5

    Betty L Hopkins

    I have extremely dry eyes and a newly developed allergy to my cats. The cats are not leaving. At my recent eye exam the Dr. suggested I purchase a moisturizing eye mask for overnight use. I didn’t know they existed. After researching the available options I chose this eye mask because it can be used warm or cold. I’ve used it every day since it arrived and have noticed an improvement in my eye itches. The soft, warm weight on my eyes is so relaxing and comforting. Just microwave it 20 seconds and enjoy. I highly recommend this eye mask for relief of eye itches, even headaches. It’s very nice and the price is great.

  4. 4.82 out of 5

    n juar

    So far, so good. Only had them a couple of weeks so I can’t comment on durability, but the mask is easy to use. A few seconds in the microwave and it’s ready to use. I usually wear it for about 15 minutes and it stays warm the whole time.The only “con” is they don’t come with hygienic sheets to avoid contamination from bacteria on the eyelids. Although the product information claims the material used in the mask is anti microbial, I’m concerned about transferring bacteria from the eyelids to the mask. A friend purchased a different brand of eye mask on amazon that does have disposable sheets. I plan to order a supply to use with this mask. In the meantime I’m just placing a tissue beneath the mask before applying to my eyelids.

  5. 4.82 out of 5

    Letty Nunez

    This is a must-have for anyone suffering with dry eye syndrome and tired eyes too. The first time I used it, I fell so relaxed with the warmth (after heating in the microwave for the seconds recommended) on my eyes and began to feel sleepy and my nose clearing up a bit. This is far better than using a warm wash cloth which cools down too fast. Once heated, the mask stays that way for a good 10 mins or so. I recommend it for any type of eye discomfort you may be having and worth the low price. Personally I’ve not seen this at the store, but why bother when Amazon offers it.

  6. 4.82 out of 5

    Kelly A. Brown

    I bought this compress for my eyes to relieve the pain and swelling from styes. The eye mask is awesome! It fits very comfortably and the strap is adjustable. I heated the compress in the microwave for 20 seconds as instructed and it’s the perfect amount of heat (not too hot for my sensitive eyes) and pressure. The compress gradually cools down in approximately 15 minutes, which is perfect timing. Aside from this being such a great eye mask I have to say the customer service is unsurpassed! They reached out to me before I even received the product and provided all the information I needed.

  7. 4.82 out of 5

    Gabriela Campos

    My mom got a surgery over two months ago and the previos follow up appointment that we went her Doctor told her to use warm towels on too of her eyes so that her eye heals faster and the redness could go away or to purchase an eye mask and use it every night before going to bed. So we bought this eye mask and she uses it every day before going to sleep she says that her eyes don’t itch anymore and that they are not dry and the mask also helps her to relax her eyes and she sleeps even better! The mask is absolutely useful, comfortable, soft, and valuable not only for the price but because it helps alot in many ways.

  8. 4.82 out of 5

    Sandra Sain

    I am in love! I recently developed dry eyes, which are whole painful & uncomfortable. My eye Dr. recommend that I use a warm compress on my eye several times a day to help unblock the oil ducts in the lid that lubricate eyes. I tried a few different ones but they didn’t hold heat or touch the eye lids. When I saw that this one was filled with a bead that attracted moisture from the air I knew it would conform to my eyelids, beautifully!! I place it on a clean paper plate or towel pop it in the microwave for 18-20 seconds, it’s a perfect warm moist (protects delicate skin on eyes) heat to sooth my weary, burning, itchy, painful eyes. I lay down place over my eyes for 15 – 20 minutes, even though my eyes start feeling better in just a few. This eye mask is so comfortable think warm weighted blanket for you eyes <3 that I have fallen asleep with it on & slept through the night.A couple tips: I live in a very humid area but I read in a couple reviews that were in arid area the mask doesn’t get moist. Try putting a cup of warm/hot tap water in the microwave with it?Since the mask is not washable (spot clean only) when I have on makeup, I lightly mist 2 sterile gauze pads with water/facial spray place those over my eyes before slip on the mask. My makeup stays intact & my eyes are relieved! I always store it in the cute bright lime green satin bag that it came with it to keep it free from dust, hair, fur…. I love this eye mask so much I am going to order a 2nd for work.I did not receive anything in exchange for my review, this is my personal experience and opinion.

  9. 4.82 out of 5

    Coco Paradise

    I had eye infections from repeated use of the same fake eyelashes and old eye shadows. When I went to see my eye doctor, he recommended use warm compress as often as I can. Beginning I was using hot towel but it didn’t keep warm too long. Then I searched for warm compress at Amazon, that’s how I found this product. Just microwave it for 26 second (my case) and I place it over my eyes for 15 minutes.To keep clean, just cover it with a sheet of Kleenex after microwave it, then I don’t have to worry about cleaning the product.I’m very pleased with this product but if this product came in a sealed clear plastic bag instead of placed loosely in a cloth bag (but nicely packaged in a box) then I could tell it never open the package before. I think the seller spent extra to provide a cloth bag for carrying but I can just place it in a ziplock.

  10. 4.82 out of 5

    Misty Flota

    Absolutely one of the most favorite things I purchase! I started getting a migraine this morning and I remembered I had this eye mask in the freezer and I want to say within 20 min I started feeling relief. Definitely is so soothing and the best product ever! Really nice that it has adjustable strap so fits my husband very well too. He says he wants another one though 😂

  11. 4.82 out of 5


    I have a low level eye irritation that is has been steadily driving me out of my mind. This eye pillow, when heated, brings immediate bliss to the eye – so much so that I cannot wait to plonk it on shortly before bedtime. (Follow the recommended 20 second microwave heating directions, it is just the right, soothing temperature.) The customer service followup was good, but the two links provided for securing 25% off additional purchases did not work for me. I want to buy a second one and, while the item is not pricey, a bit off would be icing on the cake.

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